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Do you ever look at someone and think how in the world do they achieve that beautiful put together look? Their hair, their makeup and even their kiddos look like they stepped out of a magazine. How do they do it all? Well I am here to show you the everyday mom shortcuts and to tell you things aren’t always what they seem. Especially some shortcuts with makeup. Do you know how many moms run on caffeine and dry shampoo? Loads! Some come along as we talk about how being Partially Put Together ain’t all that bad!.

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You are not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either. It should be intuitive and personalized. You are unique and your face is an amazing combination of glowing highlight and chiseled shadow. Putting a wash of one foundation color all over your face is diminishing those amazing angles and creating a “flat face” that just isn’t the natural you. Our IIID Foundation makes it easy to customize a palette tailored to your skin tones. Eliminating the need for layers upon layers of makeup, our 4 step process makes it a light but full coverage that blends together creating a glowing complexion in just minutes.

How I find Gratitude When I am Sick

This past weekend I had the stomach bug. Of course it happened in the middle of the night and of course it was a weekend that I was working my usual nurse job. As I am sure you are aware, being sick is no fun. I was weak. I was tired. I was...
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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas and more!!!

Does anyone else feel like this time of year can be pretty crazy? I know I can feel that way. One of the reasons is that I have the hardest time picking out gifts for my friends and family. I really want to get everyone something special! So to help you...
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Extremes of Beauty: How Maskcara has helped me stay right dag nab in the middle!

For years, I only had two makeup looks to choose from. Those two looks you say? Prom Queen vs Pan Handler. I was either "done up to high heaven" or "just rolled out of bed". I actually think I chose "rolled out of bed" more often then not....
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Why I Love My Skin: Nighttime Skincare Routine

For a very long time, like majority of my teenage years and 20's, I have struggled with being on top of my skin care. Not until maybe 4 years ago, did I even remove my makeup before bed on a regular basis. Such a big no no! Guess what can cause larger...
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To be perfectly put together is overrated!

Lets talk for real, real. There are demands upon us to do it all and to do it all now! It can be overwhelming and frankly, for me, debilitating. There is just no time for it all. What can we do to prioritize what needs to be done and not waste our time? It...
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This color should be lighter than your natural skin tone. The yellow turns creamy on the skin and gives you a “lit from within” glow! With the small end of the HAC brush apply this shade to the bridge of the nose, beneath your eyes and down the side of the nose in a pie piece shape, between your brows, on the chin and along the jawline.


This color should be deeper than your natural skin tone. It creates and accentuates the “shadows” on your face, giving dimension and a gorgeous sculpt to your face! Using the large end of the HAC brush apply the contour color round the edges of your face, down the neck, the side of your nose and beneath your cheekbones.


This rosy tone brings out your eyes, makes the face appear more youthful and warms your complexion. Apply this with a brush, sponge or fingertip to the apples of your cheeks and to the center of your lips.


Finish everything with this gorgeous shimmery cream! It gives the face a candlelit dewiness and perfects your complexion. Apply with fingertip to the top of your cheekbones, the bow of your lip and beneath the arch of your brow.