Lets talk for real, real.

There are demands upon us to do it all and to do it all now! It can be overwhelming and frankly, for me, debilitating. There is just no time for it all. What can we do to prioritize what needs to be done and not waste our time?

It is impossible to be perfect at every single thing but I don’t think it’s impossible to accomplish the things that are important to you. So am I finding ways to make the time for the things I deem important.

Time for my experiment.

Mornings are not my thing. Like at all! Any one of my family and friends can tell you I love a good sleep in. Chad especially. But things are changing. For the last two weeks, I have been (for more days then not) waking up earlier then my “8am! Crap I gotta get Kels to school!” wake up.

This early start has helped me have time to study spiritually, look through my social media and post to it, and get the house together with the help of my children before they are off to school.

I have known for a long time that it needs to be even earlier. Sometimes I need help with my goals and sometimes I don’t want to tell anyone for the fear of not completing my goal. I sucked up my pride and enlisted the help from the husband who is an avid early morning champion. Day 2 and our 4:15 alarm is in full gear.

Goals to accomplish:

1) Dive deeper into my spiritual studies.

2) Post to my social media accounts before the children awake or at least by 8am.

3) Restrict my social media perusings to only one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon and one hour at night. Does this seem like a lot? Maybe but a lot of the training I do involves some sort of social media. I need it but I need a balance more. No more being sucked into the rabbit hole.

4) Read an non fiction book every 2 weeks. Or listen on Audible.

My list is slim so far. Remember that feeling of overwhelm? I am trying to avoid that!

The biggest reason behind this change in mindset, is to focus on the things that matter. I have big goals to accomplish but I don’t want to sacrifice my family along the way.

What has worked for you? Have you found something to help you reach your goals? I would love to hear it!