Does anyone else feel like this time of year can be pretty crazy? I know I can feel that way. One of the reasons is that I have the hardest time picking out gifts for my friends and family. I really want to get everyone something special! So to help you out I picked out some of my favorite things to give and get!

First lets talk stocking stuffers which I think could double as small gifts! Below you will find a few ideas that I love for teens and women! I put in a few collections like the lip+cheek collection from Maskcara Beauty because its such a good deal for 8 lip+cheek tins. Usually $12 a piece,  each tin is only $8.50 in the collection. Another really good holiday collection is the OPI Mini Nail Polishes from Ulta. I love the mini size because you can split them up to give multiple people multiple colors. Another collection I love is the L’Occitane hand cream collection from Sephora. Also an easy one to split up among friends. Bath Bombs from Lush are also at the tops of my list of things to give! So easy and everyone loves them!

Next Friday, I will post about my favorite neighbor gifts and maybe some new ones you haven’t thought of yet. I’ll give you sneak peak on a really cute idea from Pampered Chef distributor Alicia Jacobs.

These are Pampered Chef 1 cup prep bowls with Pampered Chef seasoning inside. You simply add mayo and sour cream to the seasoning and you have a great dip for a party. The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. What a handy and needed gift! You can go directly to her site and order the bowls and spices! But we will talk more next week as we gear up for Christmas gift giving!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Laters- Beth