For years, I only had two makeup looks to choose from. Those two looks you say? Prom Queen vs Pan Handler. I was either “done up to high heaven” or “just rolled out of bed”. I actually think I chose “rolled out of bed” more often then not. Especially in college. Those were dark times.

Years ago, during my post 2nd baby time, I stumbled across a beauty blog through Pinterest. The blog was Here is the exact post that brought me there. Its a good one! Am I right? I could not get enough of these tips. Especially my post partum self-esteem could not get enough. It really needed a boost! My pants didn’t fit but I could fit into makeup!

I read all the posts! I tried the techniques with all sorts of brands and was loving the difference it made in my appearance. Even my husband began to notice a change. They were simple changes, like filling in my eyebrows, using a darker brown to contour the crease of my eye, using a bronzer to contour my face or concealing my under eye. Overall though, a very natural look. Which is why I kept coming back to the blog. I could do these looks!

Where is this all leading? To two side of the beauty spectrum.

In my opinion, the beauty world shows a very, very put together look most of the time! It’s an ideal that the majority of us just can’t quite get to without hours and hours of practice. Do I think it is bad? Absolutely not. If you have the desire, money and time to do it, go for it! This is one extreme of the spectrum. One that I could not do. Personally, the only time I dislike it is when it becomes an obsession that takes over ones every waking moment.

The other extreme I want to talk about is the “I refuse to wear makeup ever” extreme. I have come across this a lot in my time. It is not the people who say I don’t wear makeup or wear very little. It’s the people who say I won’t wear it. My theory is that those refusing are probably a direct result of the beauty obsessed people above. Don’t get me wrong. I am all about a being confident and feeling lovely without makeup. Which I definitely feel all women should believe and know to be true. I personally feel our differences and uniqueness (whether they be blemishes, sunspots, freckles, wrinkles, birth marks or what have you) make up a huge spectrum of lovely. I do understand the need to change those things and that’s all very personal. But I am telling you right now, I enjoy those differences.

So here comes the middle ground. Maskcara Beauty. This makeup saves me daily! I can be as put together as I would like to be or have time for. The best part is I put it on and forget about it. I don’t feel it on my face. The few times a day that I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I remember the look I was even going for that day. The other thing I love about sharing this makeup is seeing people faces literally light up with joy when they have found a makeup that is easy, quick and moderately inexpensive compared to other high-end brands.

Maskcara Beauty has changed my daily routine for the better. It has given me a beauty balance that I didn’t have before. Do I still look like a prom queen sometimes? Yes. About as often as I look like a Walking Dead character. For the most part, I look as lovely as I want to and I feel so much better about it!