For a very long time, like majority of my teenage years and 20’s, I have struggled with being on top of my skin care.

Not until maybe 4 years ago, did I even remove my makeup before bed on a regular basis. Such a big no no! Guess what can cause larger pores, wrinkles and blemishes? Not getting all the makeup off!

I didn’t even know that I was supposed to exfoliate! Travesty! Haha!

I felt for a long time that there was this layer on my skin that I needed to get off but didn’t know how to do it. A chemical peal? Sure. Did that in January of this year and even though it was a very painful week of loosing facial skin, I would do it again. Maybe just once a year. It helped lighten my acne scarring of a previous summers blemish fest and overall brighten my skin.

Previously, I used a mechanical exfoliator of coffee grounds. I felt I had to be careful not to cause tears in my skin with this product because of how large the pieces were. It did a decent job. I actually really like it as a whole body exfoliator. Then I found Cure. Japan’s best selling skin product and water-based exfoliator. Supposedly gently enough for very sensitive skin. I use it once a week after I cleanse. More often, I use it just on my chin to help with milia.

My current favorite cleanser, toner and moisturizer are from Maskcara Beauty. A cleanser from a makeup brand? Yes that is correct! The whole skincare line was formulate by a milk scientist with natural lactic acid from actual skim milk. Lactic Acid is important because it is a calming agent that soothes and hydrates skin. More ingredients include Octal Stearate, which is an emollient that gives skin a soft, smooth, texture while preventing moisture loss. Jojoba Oil is also included in the formulation and is an oil found in nature that closely resembles that natural oil produced by skin. Perfect for dry or oily skin types, Jojoba Oil helps reduce the overproduction of oils, resulting in less breakouts. Extra virgin olive oil is an amazing anti-oxidant. Vitamin E blocks free radicals. Vitamin A helps in cell reproduction.

I can give you ingredients lists all day long but everyone really wants to see results. I will share just a few from fellow Maskcara Artists who have seen amazing results and not just with blemishes either. They have seen great success with a more even, brightened skin tone.

The great thing about all the products that come from Maskcara is if you don’t like it don’t keep it. A 30 day exchange/return policy keeps you safe from wasting your money. Trust me when I say, you more then likely will not need to!

For my skin, I have noticed blemishes disappear quicker then ever with this system! Yes! I still get them but very few and far in between.

Now, last but not least. Let’s talk about Tony Moly skincare masks. They are by far, the most affordable skin masks I have found and I think they work great. My skin always feels amazing after I use one. Of course it comes from another Asian company. If you didn’t know, a lot of Asian’s are obsessed with skin care. I am talking a 10-11 step routine every night! Not my style but using a mask 2-4 times a month has been a-okay with me! I also have a hilarious video on my group Facebook page Beth’s Beauty Bombshells VIP’s. It will go through exactly what you need to do to apply it and also make you laugh!

What are your skincare tricks? Post below. And let me know any questions you may have!